Our core vision is to holistically gift a healthier, cleaner environment to future generations. NO! We are not an organization relying on manual processes. We are a highly scalable entity with a mass approach. Driven by state-of-the-art technology we operate within the ethical and authenticated purview of e-waste management.
Our process is very simple! E-Waste is lying in each and every household today. Instead of letting you discard it mixed with normal-dry/wet waste or letting you hand it over to any unorganized & non-reliable source, we arrange Awareness + Collection campaigns.
We have tie-ups with a Recycling unit – Certified by the Pollution Control Board & based out of Maharastra Gujarat/Rajasthan/MP/ Karnataka/ Goa/ These units of total processes E-Waste with a processing capacity of 25000 metric tons.
As a non-profit organization, we support schools, colleges & institutions by ‘Re-Use’ of working conditions e-waste.
We contribute to safer disposal by supplying non-working items to our licensed recycling unit.

Campaign Praan Vaayu is a brainchild of Mr. Nirav Raval who is an IT professional with a rich experience of 21 years. Over the years, while he was dealing in Computer/Hardware Sales & Services, he realized that we have become aware of Dry & Wet waste but the awareness on E-waste is still to capture momentum in India.

The Disadvantages

  • Mixing of E-Waste with Dry/Wet Waste making it useless for reuse.

  • Dumping of Plastics out of the E-Waste by unorganized collectors.

  • Burning of plastic residues during midnight – bringing a big environmental threat.

  • Negligible awareness of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle process for E-Waste.

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